Surprise Music Videos

We can film a music video for you prior to the Wedding, that you can play as a surprise to the guests and your other half on your special day. It always goes down a storm especially to your Bride or Groom who is completely unaware. The video is always hilarious especially if you make a cheesy boyband video like the one below, which was made by the Groomsmen and was shown at the evening reception.

Along with the music video I will put together a 3-5 minute outtake video, which is sometimes funnier than the actual video.

It is up to you where we film it, we can make use of the locations around you whether that be on the beach, countryside or woods etc. Or if it is easier for you, we can film it in your garden. And don’t worry if it rains we will always have weather cover as a back up.

The music will be there on the day so it is up to you if you sing or mime.

Each participant will receive a DVD of the video, plus it will be made available on my website and Youtube.

The filming normally takes about 2-3 hours.

The price is £595

Plus travel outside of Cornwall.

To make a booking a non refundable deposit of £300 will have to be paid.

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