chris brown forever marryoke

Chris Brown Forever Marryoke

Chris and Natasha - The Combe Hotel

Here is Chris and Natasha’s Chris Brown Forever Marryoke they sang on their wedding day. Marryoke is when we make a music video on your wedding day. You pick your favourite song then we go around as many guests as possible and get them to sing a lyric, and then edit it all together. It was a really fun day and I started the marryoke early, going to see both Chris and Natasha in the morning. It was a great start to the video and I got a warm welcome with everyone really up for it.

They had their special day at The Combe Hotel. We love this amazing wedding venue in Somerset and hopefully will get to film there again soon.

Chris and Natasha said “Ahh that’s amazing. 🤣👍”

Marryoke Video


Marryoke I Do Film Weddings

Wedding Venue The Combe Hotel

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