devon marryoke country roads

Devon Marryoke Country Roads

Jamie and Catherine

Here is Jamie and Catherine’s Wedding Marryoke in Devon, where they sang Country Roads. Marryoke is when we make a music video on your wedding day. You pick the song, then we go around and get all the guests to sing and lipsync the lyrics. It was a fun day, they choose our cinematic wedding video package with the drone and marryoke. This meant there was two videographers all day, and we got to go to both the bride and grooms house to film their preparations, and also start the marryoke early.

It was awesome to work with Alex Toze the Photographer again after a couple of years.

It was a great song, and everyone wanted to get involved. Remember to watch until the end to see the outtakes.

Marryoke Video


Marryoke and Wedding Video I Do Film Weddings

Photographer Alex Toze

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