Don’t Stop Me Now Marryoke

Steve & Sharon’s Wedding

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Don’t Stop Me Now Marryoke. This is where we make a music video on the day of your wedding. Steve and Sharon had our “Triple Threat Package” where we provided them with a Wedding Video, Marryoke & Photobooth. Our team started in the morning filming the couple both getting ready at different locations in Plymouth. We also had chance to start the Marryoke and settle the nerves. Straight away all of the guests were up for being in the video and even had people come back for more. Steve & Sharon had Queen’s song “Don’t Stop Me Now”. As you can see form the guests they had a fun day and were dancing through the night.

Steve & Sharon said “Just watched it and can’t stop smiling…it’s absolutely brilliant!”

Marryoke Produced By I Do Film Weddings

Photography Bruckshaw Photography


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