Marryoke It Must Be Love

Marryoke (Where we make a music video on the day of the Wedding) Haydon and Julie, along with their wedding guests sing Madness’ hit song “It Must Be Love”. This was such a fun wedding, and because I was also filming their Wedding Video starting with the bridal preparations in the morning, it meant that I could also start earlier with the Marryoke. This not only adds a variety to the footage, which always helps when filming a music video, but also settles the inevitable morning nerves that everyone has. This gang needed no encouragement getting involved with the Marryoke, as I’m sure you will be able to tell in the video. I was also chuffed to get the chance to use my crane which always adds amazing production value to my videos. Filmed at Quinton House, we also filmed their best first dance ever, which really is genuinely the best first dance I have ever seen, so make sure you also check that out. I don’t know about you, but I always find it funny when it looks like the voice suits the singer in a Marryoke, and I definitely think this applies to the Haydon the groom.

Marryoke Produced By I Do Film Weddings

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