Marryoke – White Christmas

Marryoke (where we make a music video on the day of the wedding) Here is Ben & Kym’s Marryoke, they sang Michael’s Buble’s version of “White Christmas”. The couple got married at the stunning Alverton Manor in Truro, Cornwall. We also filmed the couple’s wedding video on the day. We started filming the marryoke with the girls in the morning, who were getting ready on location in one of the amazing rooms. The girls got into it straight away and we had a lot of fun. Although the natural light was limited, because it was December we still managed to get the group shot outside. The Alverton Manor team fronted by Nikki, was amazing as ever, ensuring a smooth running of Ben & Kym’s special day. It was also great to work with photographers Nigel and Loraine from Tick Tock Photos again, as we have worked well together before. Everyone was in fun spirits all day, and I think this shines through in the video. Michael Buble gave us some tricky lyrics, but the guests were well up for challenge. Also got a lovely quote from the bride and groom “It is perfect mate, thank you very much absolutely wicked!”

marryokebkgroupclose 150x150 - Marryoke - White Christmas marryokegroup3 150x150 - Marryoke - White Christmas marryokebkend 150x150 - Marryoke - White Christmas

Marryoke produced by I Do Film Weddings Award winning wedding videos, based in Newquay, Cornwall.
Venue The Alverton

Photography Tick Tock Photos


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