queen marryoke music video

Queen Marryoke Music Video

The Barn at South Milton

Here is Chris and Karen’s Queen Marryoke music video we made on their wedding day. They choose Queen’s song “Don’t Stop Me Now” for everyone to sing. Marryoke is when we make a music video on your wedding day. I got there early in the morning to start the music video for Chris and Karen. They had a surprise entrance for their guests to watch. Everyone was waiting for their joint arrival, I overheard someone say ” Do you think they are arriving in a tractor?” I won’t spoil the video but they didn’t arrive by tractor.

Chris and Karen only had their close friends and family at the special day at The Barn at South Milton. You could tell that everyone was really close, and when I started approaching the guests and asking them to be part of the marryoke they couldn’t wait. It was a really fun day, with lots of games to do. I stayed the whole day to try and get as many guests in as possible and had an awesome time.


Marryoke Video


Marryoke I Do Film Weddings

Venue The Barn at South Milton

Photographer Craig Morran

Band Mister Kanish

Remarkable Photobooth Company

A H Helicopters

Prop Factory


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