st mellion marryoke

St Mellion Marryoke

Phil & Fiona

So here is St Mellion Marryoke with Phil and Fiona singing Time of your Life. Marryoke is where we make a music video on your wedding day. I started filming the music video in the morning when the girls where getting ready and they really got into it and was a lot of fun. The boys were also a lot of fun. The couple had the reception at the amazing St Mellion Resort and Spa Hotel near Plymouth. We managed to get out onto the golf course and get some cool stuff. The guests loved being part of the video and partied on until the night. The resort at St Mellion was so amazing we got permission to use our drone and take advantage of the breathtaking views.



Marryoke Video


Marryoke Produced By I Do Film Weddings

Venue St Mellion

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