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 Holiday Videos – You Shoot! We Edit!

Are you going on holiday? Well, we edit holiday videos. Photographs are great, but if you were thinking of filming whilst you were away, then we can edit all the best bits together. We will edit your footage to your favourite music, and create a video that you will want to watch again and again. Whether you are using your Iphone, GoPro or video camera, it doesn’t matter. We can still edit it together to create a professional video. We can also supply you with GoPros to film your holiday. You will receive a professional DVD, plus we can upload it to Youtube, so you can share it with your friends and family.

Sam & Carina went on a once in a lifetime US road trip, stopping off at San Fransisco, Hollywood, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. They were keen to film their travels on a GoPro but didn’t have access to an editing suite, didn’t know how to edit or have the time to look through 6 hours of footage. This is where our skilled editors came in and did it all for them. (It took our team roughly 50 hours). Have a look at the finished video below and see for yourselves. Prices start from £195.

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