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Joe & Martha

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Well what can we say about Joe and Marthas wedding day, other than it was jam packed with activities and entertainment.

The wedding ceremony was held in the Church of King Charles the Martyr, which is situated in the middle of Falmouth, Cornwall. This venue is amazing, with wide open space, stained glass windows, and set on the bustling main street of Falmouth, gives it a real atmosphere. Once the ceremony was finished, there was a giant confetti tunnel out on the streets of Falmouth. The atmosphere was electric and it was amazing to see Joe and Martha, newly married and driving off down the twisty streets in a vintage MG.

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We then caught up with Joe and Martha at the Lifeboat station in Falmouth, where we set up a couples video and photoshoot with them on board this vessel. We loved how unique this was, yet it recognised the importance of the RNLI in Cornwall. And no photoshoot onboard a boat would be complete without an attempt at recreating the Titanic, Jack and Rose shot.

Whilst this shoot was going on, the guests made their way over to Beacon Crag. A gorgeous house, nestled amongst the Cornish Coastline, however for weddings they also put up a large marquee! The day continued with Canapes, drinks, and a live acoustic set. After the speeches as the evening began and the sun was setting, we took Joe and Martha down onto the rocks for a private video shoot. We loved how this turned out, with the dramatic coastline, the crashing waves and the sun setting. It was the perfect opportunity to get our drone out to capture even more of the beautiful surroundings and lighting conditions.

Joe Martha Screenshot 7 300x169 - Beacon Crag Wedding Film

After their first dance, a live band, The Rebel Sounds started playing and everyone flocked to the dance floor. With the summer evening light slowly dimming, and the music getting louder, the day was building and building to the penultimate moment of the fireworks. Everyone gathered outside for a sparkler tunnel, shortly followed by a beautiful display of fireworks, which ended our video perfectly. We had such an amazing time at this wedding at cannot wait for the next one at Beacon Crag.

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