Game of Thrones Wedding at The Snow Village Finland

Game of Thrones Wedding at The Snow Village Finland

Kevin + Chelsea

Here is Kevin and Chelsea’s Game of Thrones Wedding at The Snow Village Finland we filmed earlier this year.

I think this counts as a destination wedding right? What an amazing place is was, yes it was cold, very cold. Kevin and Chelsea had our 2 videographer package meaning we got to use the drone. That also meant we could cover the day from two angles.

We turned up in our suits and proper shoes, the photographer rocked up in snowboarding gear, ha. We arrived a day early to do a recce and get some establishers, we also got some internal shots of the Snow Village which this year was Game of Thrones themed.

Based in Newquay, we are used to working on beautiful beaches so this was a huge contrast for us.
On the wedding day we filmed the preparations in the morning. Then I think we filmed for the first and last time a bride’s entrance by reindeer.

They got married in the beautiful Ice Chapel inside the Snow Village. Then after that we went outside for a video shoot to make the most of the snow covered trees, and also get some wedding drone footage. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience and we are really happy with the footage we produced for Kevin and Chelsea.

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