Ash and Sian at Kernow Adventure Park holding smoke bombs

Kernow Adventure Park Wedding

Ash + Sian

Kernow Adventure Park Wedding AS 025 300x200 - Kernow Adventure Park Wedding

Ash and Sian’s wedding was honestly like being at a festival. The whole day was so relaxed and full of fun, it was truly amazing. We were able to capture both sides of the morning for Ash and Sian’s preparation, as they had booked us for our triple threat package, which meant our team had more opportunity to fully oversee the whole day!

They had a tipi set up at the site of Kernow adventure park. The weather was perfect for such a picturesque and natural area. The dramatic landscape in the quarry surrounded a lake, where we shot some amazing footage and photos of the pair in a boat. Check out the trailer to see the cinematic footage which includes smoke grenades.

Kernow Adventure Park Wedding AS 018 200x300 - Kernow Adventure Park Wedding

We are super flexible and adaptable to any wedding, so shooting their outdoor ceremony was no problems whatsoever. All their guests had a lovely time and after such a personal celebration of love, we took an opportunity to get a fantastic confetti shot. Ash and Sian had plenty of ideas for us and their family/ friends and we got to work getting everything they desired.

As we managed to get so many great intimate moments of everyone on the day, we had plenty of perfect shots for their final edit. We also loved the pizza provided, which brought us right to the end of the night with lots of exciting dancing. The final moment of the night was the extra special full moon that rose above the quarry’s cliff, giving Ash and Sian the perfect view.

Kernow Adventure Park Wedding AS 015 300x200 - Kernow Adventure Park Wedding

Video Trailer

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