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Le Petit Chateau Wedding

Dean + Jessica

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What an amazing day this was! Jessica and Dean met 9 years ago on a double date with Jess’ sister and have been together ever since, but now with the addition of their dog, Murphy. It was an absolutely scorching hot day and spirits were high. The venue was stunning, with its timeless ‘shabby chic’ decor and the floral arrangements (made by Jessica!) creating the most beautiful setting. Jessica was getting ready with her bridal party in a beautiful suite, filled with French luxury! A short walk away Dean and his groomsmen were adding the final touches to their suits, with cufflinks, ties, and even getting Murphy in his outfit! Spirits were high and it was clear that this was going to be an amazing day!

The ceremony room is designed around the French ‘Golden Age’ in the 19th century, with outstanding features such as a large crystal chandelier and a marble fireplace. The moment Jessica walked down the aisle was breathtaking, emotions were high and it was clear to see on Dean’s face how beautiful he found her. The ceremony was short and sweet, and Murphy was so well behaved, sat just behind Jessica and Dean in his little tuxedo.

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Once the ceremony had concluded everyone made their way outside to ‘The Terrace’, this Mediterranean inspired area is jam packed with stunning features. A Boules court, Palm trees, a fire pit and the most breathtaking feature of the whole place, the water feature. With the warm weather and this setting we were all transported to the Mediterranean giving the video a brilliant summery theme, plus who wouldn’t want to capture all these details! Take a look at our Trailer video of the day to see for yourself!

We took Jessica and Dean out into the meadow toward the back of the venue for a private couples shoot. The winding path through long grass, wildflowers and large trees made for such romantic and scenic video that makes us want to go back to this venue again and again. At the end of the meadow was a bench situated in-front of a large lake, you couldn’t ask for anything more as a videographer! Here we let Jessica and Dean just be with each other, and have a moment to take in the day to themselves. We pride ourselves on being non-invasive and capturing authentic and candid moments, and the results speak for themselves.

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The day was winding down and now it was time to eat and then party. The dining room is filled with long table, a large fireplace, and floor to ceiling windows looking out into the grand terrace. Jessica and Dean designed all of the wedding decor and place settings, and it is safe to say they did an absolutely fantastic job. Once the meal and the speeches had finished it was time to dance! With a live DJ and a Saxophonist, the party had started. We are so grateful to Jessica and Dean, and their guests for making us feel so welcome and giving us the opportunity to create such a stunning Wedding Film for them on their special day. We cannot wait to be back at this venue!

Video Trailer


Wedding Dress/ Suits – Hummingbird bridal
Catering Services – Le petit
Music – Amv live music
Hair Stylist – Gabriel green, Hair by gabe
Makeup Artist – Hannah atter , Muse 9 studios

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